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Collaborate with major shopping malls across Punjab to promote your brand

Change in lifestyle has led to the emergence of multiple shopping malls across the state of Punjab. Numerous stores and fun activities attract crowds to shopping malls in massive amounts. That is why leveraging these shopping malls to reach out to more people is an excellent idea. In today’s era, mall advertising has become a well-known marketing phenomenon. Kyross Media, the leading Mall Advertising Agency Services Panchkula, can offer top-rated assistance. Kyross Media is a leading advertising agency in Punjab. We offer a wide range of marketing services, including mall advertising. With our efficient and strategic Shopping Mall Advertising Services Mohali, you can increase brand exposure and customer reach. For that, we have a team of skilled marketing experts with years of expertise. With the best Jalandhar Mall Advertising Services, you can expect hassle-free yet reliable mall advertisements. Are you wondering if you truly need mall advertising? Well, just think about the thousands of people who visit shopping malls each day. By displaying your ads in the malls, you gain greater chances of making them aware of your brand. Ultimately, brand recognition will lead to more exposure and overall sales.

Different types of mall advertising services

The large space of the shopping mall gives brands various parts to use for mall advertisements. Take a look at some of the places within the mall that can be used for advertisement. These are –
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Parking lot advertisement

It is actually the size of the mall that determines the area of the parking space. That means if the mall is big, you can expect a massive parking lot. One of the prime locations to display ads is the parking lot. When people park their cars to enter or leave the mall, they will view your advertisement. That is an excellent way to impress the consumers.

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Cinema advertisement

One of the main reasons why people visit shopping malls is to watch films in the multi-screen cinemas available. There are various ways you can leverage the cinema hall to promote your business. For instance, you can opt for either off-screen or on-screen advertisements. The Mall Advertising in Ludhiana experts can choose bathroom advertisements or go with posters to connect with their target audience. Here, the main aspect is to create an eye-catching ad.

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Food court

Apart from cinema halls, the food court attracts a crowd like no other. The top part of the mall is generally dedicated to the different food outlets. You can use this space to create excellent mall advertisements. This is the place where people dine, talk and spend leisure time with family and friends. As a food court causes people to relax and enjoy themselves, you will get more chances to grab customer attention. They are not in a hurry to go anywhere else.

At Kyross Media, we offer a wide array of Shopping Mall Advertising Services Mohali. You can definitely consult our skilled marketing experts and choose a wide range of options for your brand. The ideal solution is to display the ads where maximum people can view them. That will lead to an increase in brand exposure and conversion rates.

Various ad formats that you can use for all advertising

There are multiple ad formants businesses can use for mall advertising. These include – Apart from this, there are many more options available. For the best results, you need to get in touch with the best mall advertisement agency in Punjab, Kyross Media. Our Mall Advertising in Ludhiana experts are always ready to help you out.

Escalator wraps

Scroll screens




Wall mounts

Live demos

Roof hangings

Lift door advertisements

Tips to improve mall advertising

In order to obtain efficient results for Jalandhar Mall Advertising Services, there are some things you can consider. Take a look at the tips that can help you attain more success –
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Information about discounts and sales

Often, brands struggle to ensure that their message is received by potential customers. As such sales and discounts available on special days might be missed. But, with mall advertising, you can use the chance to ensure that the people know what you are offering. That way, you can get ahead of the competitive curve in the market.

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Customize the ads

It is vital to customize and modify the mall ads based on the location. Considering the ethnic culture of the place allows you to appeal to the cultural aspects of your customers. That way, you can connect them to your brand with ease. It is a great way to earn trust between the customers and the brand. For that, you can choose Kyross Media, one of the best Mall Advertising Agencies in Chandigarh.

Partner with us and attain excellent mall advertising services

One of the most emerging and popular OOH or out-of-home media is mall advertising. Using malls to promote your brand and the products or services is a great marketing tactic. With excellent mall branding strategies, you can gain a wider brand reach. At Kyross Media, one of the leading Mall Advertising Agencies in Amritsar, we offer high-quality and innovative mall advertising services. Our team of reliable and experienced marketing experts design and develop mall ads that are sure to grab the attention of the crowd. Here, it is essential to understand that when people visit malls, they are relaxed, and as such, have much more time to stroll around and look at display ads. That is why we at Kyross Media, the top-rated Mall Advertisement in Punjab agency, take advantage of this unique aspect. We place stunning yet simple mall advertisements to draw potential customers. Our primary aim is to ensure that the customer conversion rates increase significantly. For that, we opt for the usage of the latest technologies and unique techniques. Moreover, we rely on creative ideas and concepts to hook in the customers. Do you want to know more about our mall advertisement services? In that case, all you have to do is give us a call! Our experts will resolve all your queries.